quarta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2012

Permitir-me sentir o que sinto sem o julgar...

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"To let myself feel what I feel without judging it..."


"One thing that has helped me is to let myself feel I what feel without judging it, and give myself space to go through it rather than immediately rush to pretend things are ok.
If we are alive and safe, that matters most of all. But not giving ourselves a space to share our pictures, our stories, our tears just as they are, not giving ourselves time to process that, means something in us gets pushed down, denied and buried only to surface later in other ways.
It's ok to sit with what feels sad and let it be sad. It's ok to be scared or feel overwhelmed. We don't have to fix it to heal, or tell it why it shouldn't feel so sad, we only need to let it express what it feels.
To heal, I have to love all of me, and allow my body to speak not just when I love its messages but even when I don't. It just wants to be heard. Then it can breathe again.
This is the way to emotional healing."

Jo Davidson
Composer, singer/musician, producer, photographer, and creator of Zentertainment Talk Radio.

Noutra ocasião, com mais tempo, hei de adicionar o meu comentário pessoal a este texto, mas, para já, aqui fica este texto de que gostei imenso.